About Amelia

Combining travel with health, wellness and spirituality is a passion of mine. I am happiest playing outdoors and I love to share the beauty of nature through adventurous experiences as well as profound moments of awe and reverence. I've been leading retreats since 2013 in the United States and internationally in stunning venues such as Thailand, Portugal, Mexico, and more!

Founder and podcast host of Spiritually Fit Yoga. 1200hr , Certified Yin Teacher, Meditation Teacher. I'm also a Publisher and Mentor on the Insight Timer website/app.

Pacific Northwest is where I'm from and I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I'm not offering yoga, meditation, sound healing, or reiki, I'm most likely with my family, hiking with my dog, or planning my next health and healing retreat! I look forward to connecting with you during this retreat.

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